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Anns blog
Sunday, 21 May 2006

The invitations for my parents party came in yesterday. My brother Paul and I addressed them all and Paul promised me he would get them in the mail on monday. My brother is a pretty funny guy. He was coming in from work just as I pulled into his driveway at about 2:30. He has to unwind for a few minutes before we could start writing. Then he had to take the dog out for her after work pee. Then he had to show me how he taught his cockatiel how to whistle One Way Out by the Allman Brothers.The bird, however, was in a Pop Goes The Weasel type of mood, so he spent like 15 minutes trying to get the bird to sing for me. The bird finally sang the song, we laughed and clapped and 40 minutes after I got there, we unpack the box with the invitations. We wrote for about 30 minutes, with him keeping track of the names that we had just written on the envelopes. My brother is an extreme perfectionist.He had to make sure all names on the list were accounted for. So, he went thru the stack of envelopes and made sure he had a check mark beside each name when we heard this ungodly screech. His 3 year old niece was there with her 4 year old brother. My sister in law had just given her a bowl filled with trail mix to share with her brother. The baby fell and somehow managed to pinch her finger between herself, the rim of the metal bowl she was carrying and the hardwood floor. So we spent a half hour "fixing" the childs finger and cleaning up several cups of trailmix. We got back to work and the kids father showed up to take them home. Dave does drywall for a living so Paul had to take him downstairs and get his professional opinion on rebuilding the flood soaked walls in his basement.We went back to writing when the kids and Dave left. We got maybe 10 more envelopes addressed when he decided he was hungry and we should order a pizza. So we ordered the pizza and we left to go pick it up. On the way, he stopped for gas. His truck is a big work truck with 2 gas tanks. $150 later, we got the pizza and went back to his house. By the time we finished writing and packing everything up, it was almost 9:00pm. I didn't get back home til almost 10:30. BUT, the invitations are on their way out and the party is not even a month away. I can't wait to sit back and relax!!

Posted by ann-is-clever at 8:14 AM EDT

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