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Anns blog
Thursday, 1 June 2006

I have been listening to a lot of songs lately. The words to a song can make it, or break it. I have made a short list of some of my favorite lines of songs. Some are funny, some are sexy, and some just mean something to me. I'm sure I could list a lot, as there are a lot of songs out there, but the following got me thinking.

The Space between a blink and a tear, Death Blooms - Mudvayne, Death Blooms. I know this one is kinda weird, but think about it. What do you do right before the tears start? You blink. A lot can happen in that 30 second time frame.

And it's been awhile, since I've seen the way the candles light your face
And it's been awhile, But I can still remember just the way you taste- Staind, Its been awhile. No explaination needed here...thats just sexy

I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a sun in somebody else's sky, but why can't it be, why can't it be mine- Pearl Jam, Black. How many of us wish someone had said that to us?

Which one of these words don't you understand? Talking to you is like clapping with one hand. - Antrax, Caught in a Mosh. One of my favorite expressions to explain a difficult person

If ever words were spoken painful and untrue, I said I loved but I lied. - Pantera, This Love. Phil at his finest. How many of us had something similar said to us?

They say that life's a carousel. Spinning fast, you gotta ride it well. The world is full of Kings and Queens, Who blind your eyes and steal your dreams; It's Heaven and Hell. - Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell. These words couldn't have spoken the truth any better

Would you know my name If I saw you in heaven? Would it be the same If I saw you in heaven?- Eric Clapton, Tears in Heaven. This makes me think of a live performance I saw of his. He explained that he wrote this song after his little boy died. He cried while singing it. How sad!!

Not two days ago I was having a look in a book and I saw a picture of a guy fried up above his knees. I said I can relate, cause lately I've been thinking of combustication as a welcomed vacation from the burdens of the planet earth, like gravity, hypocrisy, and the perils of being in 3-D but thinking so much differently – Incubus, Pardon Me. Another well spoken lyric from Incubus.

What do you mean, I dont support your system? I go to court when I have to. – Megadeth, Peace Sells. Now this is just funny

Youre up there under the spotlight, your silver trophy shines. With all you got, my lord!
You must get high. You need a whole lot more than money; you need more than to survive. You need to keep your love, Keep your love alive. Heart-Love Alive. Lets face it, whenever we have a bad day, the only way to snap out of it is to be around something or someone you love. Money doesn't matter, fame wouldn't matter. Love makes it all real

Like I said, a lot of songs have a lot of meaning behind them. Which ones do it for you?

Posted by ann-is-clever at 9:06 PM EDT

Sunday, 4 June 2006 - 11:40 AM EDT

Name: becksblog
Home Page: http://becksblog.tripod.com/Beck68sBlog/

Cool Ann, I should do something similar, it would be fun. & omg!! that last song was Lois' real dad's & my song, I didn't even know anyone else knew that song, I didn't know it had any popularity at all, just one of Doug's things, (he was 9 years older than me so I assumed it was some older person thing that I had missed)

Sunday, 4 June 2006 - 6:19 PM EDT

Name: Ann

No actually, I wore holes in the album growing up. I replaced it with the CD a few years back. That was one of those albums that me and my friend Wendi would listen too, sing along with, then restart it when it was over. Its still one of my favorites. Heart, Little Queen...jeez now I have to go dig it out and listen to it again!!

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