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Anns blog
Sunday, 29 October 2006

I am feeling so much better. Most of the soreness has gone away although I do get twinges of pain in my shoulder if I move it too much. But what can you expect... I did just dislocate it two weeks ago. I suppose I should write about my friend Jen, who was in the car with me at the time of the accicent. We both ended up with concussions, but she also has MS so her aches and pains made that feel worse. She went into work the day after the accident, and that was the last time we have seen her. Her daughter, who was 7 and a half months pregnant, lost her baby last weekend. Jen has been on bereavement the past week. They had a funeral for the infant yesterday. Me and her boss felt so bad about everything that we tookup a collection for her at work and raised a couple of hundred dollars for her. Her partner, who use to work with us, has MS also,  is really bad off and had to quit work a year or so ago. We all know they are struggling. I just can't believe the one day Jen asked for help and we get T-boned.

  On a lighter note, I am putting in for an office job at work. One of my friends transfered to a plant closer to her home so her position is open. She was a service coordinator. I thought if she could do the job, I could do it too. She is a nice girl, but not real bright.  I think I have enough savvy to be able to pick up where she left off. Of course, it means I have to go out and buy new clothes, but the pay is $15000 more a  year than I make now. That should be enough incentive to make me go to the mall God, I hate shopping. I'm tired of babysitting everyone in the department I am in now.I do way too much for way to little pay. For once, I want to be paid what I am worth.

  I decided not to buy that car. The thought of having a car payment that big made me too nervous. I will wait out buying a new one until I have to. Hopefully by then, my paychecks will cover the added expense.My parents left for Florida yesterday so I could use one of their vehicles if I need to. Its not like I don't have options here. Speakin gof money... You know that Monopoly game at Mcdonalds in which you save the game pieces to win prizes?? I don't know of a single person who has won so much as a small fry from that thing. My son and his friend have been playing it and they won $5,000 friday night. No joke..I made them show me the game pieces. We have to mail in the board with the little stickers, but they did win. Hows that for something?? 

Posted by ann-is-clever at 7:45 AM EDT

Tuesday, 31 October 2006 - 2:03 PM EST

Name: "Becky"
Home Page: http://becksblog.tripod.com/Beck68sBlog/

Hi Ann, good luck on the job change! I'll be thinking of you. That's so cool about the McDonalds win, I almost never eat at McDonalds & happened to do so last Friday & I thought I was doing pretty well to win a free blizzard on my soda cup- I forgot & threw the slip away anyway!- Looking forward to seeing pics of your hours for halloween this year!

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